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Epiphysis is a synonym of pineal gland

Pineal gland

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The pineal gland (or pineal body) is also called Epiphysis.

This is a relatively unknown endocrine gland placed between the two cerebral hemispheres. It is tucked right in the middle of the cranium. For those who work with chakras, it is directly connected to the crown chakra, the seventh chakra, purple chakra. This gland is in the conduit connecting the seventh chakra to the first. It is directly connected to the day’s solar cycle. It secretes serotonin and melatonin. Serotonin gives life to the body; it gives it dynamics and vibrancy. This hormone is responsible for the yanging process of the person (it reinforces the person’s structure). It makes the person energetic. It is between two and four in the morning, during sleep, that secretion of serotonin by the pineal gland stops and gives way to the secretion of melatonin. Melatonin is good for the immune system, increases the quality of sleep, and has a positive effect on enthusiasm, good disposition, and good humour. This moment in our sleep is very important because it is a very yin, very calm, and very Zen time of regeneration of the person.

People who suffer from depression often have shortage of serotonin. Insomnia often occurs between two and four in the morning.

When the person does not allow the Zen moment enter his life, either due to an excessively yang or regimented behaviour, then the natural production of melatonin will be much weaker, the person becoming then much weaker, and this, in turn, weakens the production of serotonin. Then the person has poor serotonin and feels tired and depressed.

People who suffer from depression often have a shortage of serotonin and suffer from insomnia between two and four in the morning.

The pineal gland also appears to play a role in the form the person reacts to exposure to sunlight and, above all, to the way he metabolises melanin. In fact, the pineal gland is linked to the so-called force of Heaven, to the energy that comes from Heaven, namely to the energy that comes from the Sun. The person who has pineal-related problems is someone who has severe disturbances in his sense of direction, in the route he needs to take in his life, in issues related to humbleness and authority. This person has a major problem in his relationship with his biological Father or with the male model (could be the person’s husband). He is a very mentally oriented person, very rational, who wants to sort everything out by himself. He believes he knows all the answers and that he needs to be in command. He leaves no space for intuition.

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