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Epilepsy is like a disconnection between the autonomous nervous system and the central nervous system.

The person needs to elevate himself and dive into his deep inner self. This person’s lifestyle is very far from the one he desires. The person feels as if he is being persecuted, yet refuses to move an inch away from the person he has a conflict with. Life is a struggle. The person exercises violence against himself. If it is a child, it means the child does not allow himself to have bad thoughts about his father, or, in the case of a married woman, bad thoughts about her. It is true that a child seldom moves away from his father, he does not have much choice. Grown-ups, however, do have choices, but many refuse to move away because of beliefs that keep them from living free. In any case, we must closely watch that person’s relationship with a male, with the male role model, and with the biologic Father.

When epilepsy surfaces in a child, it is most important to understand what goes on between the child and the father, step father, or the man in charge of raising the child. It is there that we find the cause of the problem.

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