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Enuresis means the person urinates a lot, mostly during the night. Enuresis is connected with marking territory.

We all know that certain uncomfortable situations, such as fear, stress and pressure make us pee, that is, to empty our bladder. In fact, the urgency to pee is often an excuse to get out of a situation in which we felt uncomfortable.

Enuresis is precisely a way to release pressure, which can also be considered an internal crying.

Enuresis denotes the total loss of references. The child pees to draw his parents’ attention. And he gets comfort in his own smell. This is a desperate marking of territory. One of the parents is absent, or simply cannot mark his territory. Most probably, it will be the Father. The child feels Fatherless. This father gives in to the ideas and strength, possibly very masculine, of the Mother. And the child feels the absence of the Father. The Father does not affirm himself. This happens to couples where, due to some belief, the Father is convinced that his own withdrawal is more important for the couple to function. The Father is too soft. However, children make it noticeable immediately through the symptoms they develop. “What will happen if our territory is attacked? Who will defend it? Mark up the territory! I depend on you! Look, if you do not mark out the territory, I will do it! I am here! I exist!” And then he pees.

Enuresis (mostly during the night) happens mostly to young boys. A good trick is to give the child a cloth smelling of his Father when going to bed. The child will feel safer.

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