Endocrine system

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This system is formed by the pineal gland (epiphysis), the pituitary gland (hypophysis), the thyroid, the thymus, the pancreas, the suprarenal glands (adrenal glands) and the gonads.

Prostate (which is not an endocrine gland), thyroid and pituitary/hypophysis are the places where benign tumors in the glandular tissues (adenomas or fibromas) develop.

See each of these glands separately.

Animals, through the hormonal process, know how to develop behaviours that place them in the so-called hormonal draw. When the person is in a state of hormonal draw, the pituitary/hypophysis, the thyroid, the adrenal/suprarenal glands and the gonads are all at the same level. They are at a state of hormonal draw. When this happens, no hormone is stronger or more prominent than others.

When the animal is in a state of hormonal draw, it is unable to mark the territory.

The same happens with human beings. A pre-adolescent child is unable to mark his territory. He is in hormonal draw. The person has his own dynamics, but does not act in any way in particular. Everything is suspended.

We shall look at the case of a child, an old person, a patient, an adult and a pregnant woman.

A pre-adolescent child is in a state of hormonal standstill. This child is not prepared to mark his own territory.

If the child is not in a state of hormonal draw, he will not be able to learn. Nowadays, children are not allowed to be in a state of hormonal standstill. They are required to behave like adults, and/or to compete all the time with other children at school. Society, families and the school encourage this behaviour. As it is, nowadays children reach puberty around the age of eleven or twelve, sometimes even ten, although the age of puberty has always been thirteen or even fourteen years of age. The person that does not get in a stage of hormonal draw is always saying “I know, I know” and then always does thoughtless things. He becomes arrogant and stops growing up respecting authority.

As for the old person, it is quite advantageous for him to be in a state of hormonal draw, otherwise he will start bothering his family, who will end up finding a way of neutralising him, such as packing him off to an old people’s home. The old patriarch and the old matriarch refuse to enter the state of hormonal standstill. However, they would be a lot wiser, which is in fact their role, if they were in a state of hormonal draw.

The chief of the primitive tribe takes advice with the old people, the elder, although he is responsible for the ultimate decision. Old people in a state of hormonal standstill symbolise wisdom. Old people who do not know how to be in a state of hormonal draw end up feeling isolation and, as a result, end up feeling many symptoms related to isolation.

In what concerns the patient, he also needs to be in a state of hormonal draw to allow care to be made on him.

All patients need to be in a state of hormonal drawing if they are to be cured. They need to give themselves in.

Things are quite different with adults. The adult person must not be in a state of hormonal standstill, because he needs to take care of other people. The adult person is the one who guarantees that the species will survive. However, the adult person must allow himself to be in a state of hormonal draw, particularly if he is feeling tired or sick. The adult person must accept to be looked after every now and then. He must go on holiday, rest, and allow others to look after him.

The pregnant woman is not in a state of hormonal standstill either. She is alert, so that she can protect the territory. While she remains pregnant, she will never be in a state of hormonal draw. Unless she was already depressed before she got pregnant. As it is, pregnant women freeze their symptoms while pregnant, as long as they do not feel tensions regarding the pregnancy or birth.

Love is the engine of the hormonal draw. It is quite normal in the animal world, and the same should happen in the world of humans. But it is not, and, more and more, it is increasingly less. Love has given way to fighting, to war and to an excessively yang behaviour.

In the animal world, the wolf society is a paradigm of hormonal standstill. It could never work without this hormonal draw. Wolves fight so that one will become the head. One of the wolves, the dominant one, gets into a flamboyant state (hirsute) to reveal the smell of its hormones. He is the alpha wolf. The other wolves remain in a state of hormonal standstill, in order to hide the smell of their hormones and to get impregnated with the smell of the dominant wolf. Nevertheless, to find out about their own hierarchy, who is number two, three, four, etc., they hide their own smell increasingly from number two to number four. It is important to realise that, although they are in a state of hormonal draw, they are not depressed.

The alpha wolf will reproduce itself, whereas the other wolves will not. In the clan of the wolves, everything depends on the lineage of the dominant male.

One of the doors into homosexuality is to be in a state of hormonal standstill. This, in fact, is the only way out for the dominated wolves. Dominated wolves are all homosexual.

As soon as the dominant wolf dies, wolf number two leaves the state of hormonal draw at once.

There is also a female wolf that dominates the other female wolves. The alpha female.

As long as it remains the dominant female wolf, it will be the only one who procreates. If any of the other female wolves has offspring, the dominant female will kill it at once.

This is the law that rules in the wolf clan. Everything is organised around a dominant brain. The behaviour of the female wolf that is in a state of hormonal drawing is a bit like that of families in which one of the female members is childless and looks after her nephews and nieces extremely well. She becomes a full time aunt.

The hormonal standstill is a very good thing if it happens at the right time.

The engine of the hormonal drawing is love, without any doubt.

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