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Emphysema is characterised by a loss of elasticity in the pulmonary tissue, which makes the tissues too distended and leads to the destruction of the structures supporting the alveoli, and to the destruction of the capillary vessels that feed the alveoli. This is an obstructive form of pulmonary disease.

The person has difficulty breathing and may start hypoventilating. Symptoms include loss of air intake and expanded chest. It also means distended lungs.

The person fears the death of one cycle and the beginning of another. He sees the end of the cycle like a small death. And he fears it. He is afraid of welcoming the new life. He does not believe he is worth living. The person needs a lot of air. The type of life he is living is asphyxiating him, and, for this reason, he requires more air. The person is leading a sad, joyless life. This often happens to people who were forced to change their lives, for example, because they retired.

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