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The body reveals a separation that was actually experienced. I was separated. And I did not like it at all.

When the person is undergoing the tension of separation, the skin becomes dry and rough, scaled, and the hands become coarse and cold. The body basically creates a hole on the skin, to enable the individual to get close to the other person again. That is to say, by creating the hole, the body physically reduces the distance that separates it from the other person.

When the psychological conflict of separation vanishes (contact has been resumed), the body starts producing a raised mass, as if to increase the area of contact of the skin. This is the healing. “I do not want separation ever again!”

Eczema occurs not just when physical separation takes place. It may simply be caused by the feeling of separation.

If eczema covers the totality of the body, it means the person feels separated from everything and from the entire world. If it covers just a few areas of the body, those are normally places of usual contact.

If, during pregnancy, the parents were separated (it may be that they only came together to have the sexual relation that gave origin to the baby), the baby has registered everything. At birth, the baby will be covered by eczema.

Amniotic fluid gives babies the air they need to breathe. Their survival depends on the help of the Mother. The Mother’s contact with the baby is indispensable; otherwise he will die, because it is this contact, this tenderness and this love that represents the baby’s safety, his survival. To cuddle the baby is very important.

The skin reacts very rapidly. Much more rapidly than, say, the liver.

Be careful, because to be abandoned has nothing to do with separation or eczema. It is not the same conflict. It is not the same tension. Abandon leads to obesity.

In the case of abandon, the identity of the person who is abandoned remains unaltered, but that of the person who abandons disappears. Only one person here takes the initiative.

When separation occurs, two identities become separated. The initiative is taken by two people.

Two geographically separated girl friends may develop eczema.

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