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Diverticulosis is pouches (pockets) that appear in several places in the large bowel. It happens more frequently in the muscular fibres of the intestine walls. Some faeces can be stuck in there, as well as bacteria in some cases. Many people have asymptomatic diverticulosis. In fact, they don’t even know they have it.

Sometimes, these pouches inflame or infect and this causes diverticulitis. Most commonly, diverticulitis happens in the descending colon, and mainly in the sigmoid.

This part of the intestine has to with a feminine, yin condition. Actually, here, what one is asked to do is let go. So here we find things that must be released. The person should adopt a more yin behaviour but, instead, he does not want to let go of what has caused the tension he is undergoing. The person is too yang, too competitive, too masculine.

Diverticulosis happens in the muscle of the colon. And muscles have to do with undervaluation, poor self esteem.

It is because of poor self esteem that this person becomes too masculine. He may be defining himself for what he has (and holds on to it - although he should naturally let go) instead of defining himself for what he is.

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