Published on Useful concepts.

Diseases, as such, do not exist. Sick people exist, that is, people who are unbalanced. What is more difficult to sort out is not the disease, but people.

Everything starts in my conscience. Everything that happens to me was produced by me. It is my duty to see where I am creating unbalances which end up manifesting themselves through my emotions and my physical body.

Disease is not more than the manifestation, in the body, of what I have been producing with the way I live and think.

To be ill is to be distant from one-self. To be ill means that the person is creating a distance between his deep nature and the type of life that, for some reason, he is leading. Cure is not more than an alignment process in my conscience. When the patient is balanced, the alleged disease disappears.

A symptom is a sign that attracts our attention, our interest and above all our energy, and which prevents the routine course of our life.

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