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Daltonism is better known as colour blindness and is a condition of the eyes

Eyes - colour-blindness - daltonism

Published on Vision.

This is blindness regarding life’s diversity and colour. It affects people who tend to see grey in everything, who show indifference but who in fact try to get rid of all differences. They are grey people.

It normally occurs to the eldest son and only happens to men. In our society, human beings pass on their name, their blood. The eldest son has always represented blood and lineage. He is the eldest.

However, colour-blindness is not something that happens necessarily only to the eldest son.

The person who does not want to see blood may not be able to recognise the colour red. He confuses red with other colours.

The person who has problems regarding his own lineage, with his clan’s blood, may have problems with the colour red.

It also happens with other colours, but it normally happens with red.

In the case of nobility, this may occur with blue (blue blood).

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