Published on Digestive system.

Constipation results from unwillingness to give, to offer oneself and to let go. It denotes attachment. The person holds on to what he has. It could be to a person.

A money-grubber behaviour (niggardly, stingy, avaricious behaviour) will show itself in the person’s large bowel.

This occurs a lot to people who are very close to their money. It indicates they are attached to material things.

These are people who pay too much importance to themselves.

The large bowel is connected to the subworld, the unconscious, and to the kingdom of the dead. It is in the large bowel that putrefaction actually takes place. It symbolizes the nocturnal side of the body.

Constipation may be a way for the body to show the person that he is afraid to let his unconscious come to light. It denotes an attempt to carry on hiding and to repress information on some beliefs.

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