Published on Locomotor system.

It is formed by small vertebrae joined together, in varied number but usually four. They are at the end of the sacrum vertebrae. They are the “little tail” of human beings. The tail that no longer exists. Coccyx related problems are directly linked to the person’s yin axis, the feminine axis, the axis of femininity, symbolized by the Mother.

Here we are referring to bones on the back, and the bones are part of the locomotor system. The common denominator here, as in other vertebrae, is undervaluing. The person feels undervalued and loses his self-esteem.

Coccyx related problems represent fear of imposed homosexuality, fear of imposed excessive feminine behaviour or even compulsory submission (in the animal world, this is the case of the non-dominating wolf with his tail lowered, denoting submission).

It is important to understand what is going on in this person’s relationship with his partner, with his model of Mother or his model of woman. If the person with a coccyx problem is a man, this is undoubtedly a relationship problem with the person he lives with and which creates in him the huge tension he is feeling. If the person with a coccyx problem is a woman, she needs to understand why she is so scared of her husband or of the man, and look out for the pattern of woman in her clan. See all the other vertebrae in Vertebrae.

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