Circulatory system

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It performs the functions of feeding the body, transporting nutrients through the blood, and blood purification.

It represents the delivery of life and the joy of living. It is made up of heart, arterial system, and venal system. It represents the number 8, just like the diagram of the earlier and later heavens in Chinese philosophy.

Circulation problems indicate a lack of joy to live, a lack of love for a certain part of my life, or lack of self-love. They show problems of identity and self-esteem. Blood is also the symbol of belonging to a family, a lineage, or even a clan. The lifestyle and thinking pattern of the clan is extremely important.

Blood is the centre of our emotions. Emotional problems show up in this system.

The diagnosis of problems in the circulatory system is not associated with left side, yang and right side, yin, polarity. Neither is it associated with the distinction between left-handed and right handed people. No, here side is not a determining factor.

The yin/yang polarity of the circulatory system is as follows: Symptoms in the arteries and symptoms in the torso, arms and head (upper part of the body) reflect excessively yang behaviours, very masculine, very combative. Symptoms in the veins as well as symptoms in the pelvis and legs reflect excessively yin behaviours, excessively passive, excessively feminine. It works the same way for left-handed and right-handed people. There is no distinction between left-handed and right-handed people. See Circulatory system – arterial system and Circulatory system – venal system

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