Chronic epicondylitis

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Chronic epicondylitis is an inflammation of the elbow tendons which forces the person to keep his hand closed.

It is caused by an inflammation of the small bone protuberances in the elbow, called epicondyles, and it causes pain.

The tendon is very un-expandable. It fixes the bone to the muscle. When tendon problems occur, we are talking about a feeling of undervaluing in a certain gesture.

It is the undervaluing of the action, in the present. “He is better than me.” “I cannot beat him.” “I am not powerful enough.” “I cannot get there.” This may occur when practicing a sport or merely while crossing a street, or even while cooking or reading. It is the gesture that could also have been the gesture of confronting the other person, of going against the other, perhaps with a raised fist.

In other words, this occurs to the individual who believes he has little value compared to the other person, or to the individual who believes he is worth little because he was unable to express something to the other person, or even to the individual who has little value because he could not affirm himself regarding the goals he wished to attain.

In the case of chronic epicondylitis, in which the hand closes to a fist due to inflammation in the tendons, the person is revealing that he repressed his aggressiveness and felt undervalued for not being able to express his aggressiveness. The image of the closed fist speaks for itself (I should have punched him!” – here is the gesture). In fact, the person did not find it appropriate to explode at the right moment. The person let himself be undervalued regarding the rigidity of norms, values, regulations that he imposed or imposes on himself. And, on top of it all, this inflammation is painful. It is a form of self-violence. It is the result of tremendous control.

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