Published on Circulatory system.

Cholesterol is a fat, and fat exists to protect people. But only to protect up to a point and in a balanced way.

Cholesterol, in balanced doses, is necessary, as it allows the person to regulate his identity and to live his life in a unique and proper way, with self-esteem. High cholesterol levels indicate that the person is protecting himself from the family and from the strand of the clan. It reveals the person is attempting to protect himself from within.

This happens, for example, when the person feels he needs to protect himself from his wife, or from his parents, or from her husband, in the case of a woman. However, the person will act in the worse possible way and will end up hurting himself. The person feels the clan has hurt him and, instead of creating a genuine life for himself, hampers the free circulation of life within him, increasingly obstructing the happiness channels (blood vessels). The person is afraid of accepting happiness and of living it. And because he feels guilty, he does not allow his life to flow.

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