Published on Locomotor system.

The Chin is to be seen as a jaw


Published on Locomotor system.

Jaws are the bones that allow teeth to chew food. They are the bones that support teeth.

The digestive system starts at the mouth. The mouth is the place where feeding starts.

The person with a broken jaw cannot chew. He can only take in liquids. He is prevented from using his teeth, making decisions, asserting himself and deciding what he needs to do in order to develop in his own life. On top of this, the mouth needs to be immobilized, which makes breathing quite difficult and prevents a person from moving too fast, otherwise he would feel asphyxiating. The jaw hinders decision-making on the person’s part, and also rapid movement.

This bone only fractures when accidents, fighting or practicing very violent, masculine sports occur.

The fracture of any bone denotes strong undervaluation in a person, but, equally, it produces a feeling of relief, because the person can be quiet at last.

Jaw-related problems indicate undervaluation and difficulty in asking for support when certain decisions need to be made.

They happen to people who are at a crossroads in their lives. The person is lost and with no sense of direction. However, he continues to have an excessively masculine behaviour, he faces up to others and acts like a warrior, instead of staying put and releasing the tension in his life.

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