Child paralysis

Published on Locomotor system, Nervous system.

Acute anterior poliomyelitis is the so-called child paralysis

Acute anterior poliomyelitis - child paralysis.

Published on Locomotor system, Nervous system.

Like in poliomyelitis, this is an inflammation of the spinal marrow that causes atrophy of the affected muscles.

This is a disease of the spinal marrow and of the locomotor system. It is associated to the feeling of undervaluation and self esteem.

This disease affects children, and, for this reason, it is called child paralysis. The emergence of a new being is linked to the relationship between the parents and with the family, lineage and the clan.

Poliomyelitis indicates that a child is born with a feeling of guilt inside. His body unveils it by destroying the muscle responsible for certain functions. The child arrives into this world already undervaluing himself. The person punishes himself. As if he felt guilty. The event is past already. The baby is born and feels: “Perhaps I should not have been born. What am I doing here? Will there be space for me?”

It is very important to understand that, in this case, we are dealing with a symptom that is linked to the clan and its representatives, the biological parents.

Conception and birth constitute a creation carried out by three people, which will only bear fruit if all three are in agreement (they are the Father, the Mother and the future baby), and jointly create the epiphany that the incarnation of a new being constitutes.

As soon as the baby is born, his memory of lineage becomes non-conscious. In fact, the baby forgets the entire luggage he brought with him, and will need all his living experience and communication skills with the family to slowly understand the thinking pattern of his genealogical tree and also how it thinks and behaves.

Thus, it is crucial that the child is told about his family members, that he becomes fully aware of past events, not just the good and epic ones, but all events! Emotions, wars inside the family, hidden scandals, kept information. He needs to know about the man figure and about the male model.

Animals, including human beings, are born from Heaven towards Earth. A hiatus occurred somewhere in the come down, maybe already during pregnancy. The Father represents the force of Heaven on Earth. What happened between the Father and the Mother?

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