Chest angina

Published on Circulatory system.

Chest angina is a synonym of the Heart

Heart - angina

Published on Circulatory system.

Territory, in our current life, is represented by roots: house, car, family, the financial management of the family, the environment where the person feels well (his friends club) and, of course, home, parents, children, place of work, colleagues, employees, money. The person who overruns someone else’s territory, unsolicited, is a person who is watching out the other’s territory. He is a trespasser.

From a physical perspective, angina is clearly a constraint of the heart, due to a territorial conflict. That person needs to set himself loose. He must leave himself alone. He needs to relax.

Oxygenation is insufficient. Normally, it is known as coronary insufficiency. It can be violent. The person forgets about himself and focuses excessively on territorial conflicts, on duty, on business, on responsibilities, on divorce fights…

Depending on the violence of the territorial conflict, the person may suffer from arrhythmia, angina, a stroke or even a fatal heart attack. This will depend on how the person has felt the psychological conflict caused by the intrusion in his territory or loss of that very same territory.

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