Published on Silhouette.

In the first place, obesity has nothing to do with cellulite. Obesity is characterized by excessive fat in many parts of the body (see Obesity).

Cellulite (or adiposity) is characterized by excessive subcutaneous fatty cells located in specific parts of the body.

It is a layer which forms over the dermis, provoked by an infiltration of fat. It has little to do with obesity, because obesity does not occur at the level of the dermis, and here, we are dealing with the dermis. Cellulite denotes a tight protection of everything that is related to sex (since it is on the legs and buttocks that most cellulite appears), or, if not on this part of the body, it means a tight protection of other part of the body (in this case, check that part of the body).

The tensions that provoke symptoms in the dermis are associated to feelings based on protection and aggression in their most primary meaning. They are typical of people who feel their territory invaded, feel injured in the most basic meaning of the word and who feel deep tension regarding uncleanness. This could be physical uncleanness or something disgusting that someone may have done to that person. It could be of a sexual nature, or some filthy swindle, etc.

The person who has cellulite should investigate what is going on in her life to understand why she needs to protect herself so much from sex, which is the most common situation, or from something that has disgusted her, or still does, or from a scam, a filthy swindle.

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