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This is a fungal infection (mycosis) caused by a fungus called Candida which affects the mouth and vaginal mucous membranes.

Fungal infections are of a parasitic type. The word parasite is essential, in this context. If the person lets herself be affected by parasites, this is because she is not centred, does not show firmness to the people who live around her, and it means that there is someone in her life who is a parasite and lives off her. The person is clinging to the past and to her beliefs, and this is the reason why she cannot stand up to this person who is sucking her out like a vampire with the degree of assertiveness she ought to have.

The fact that it develops both in the mouth and in the vagina is deeply meaningful. Actually, both the mouth and the vagina are places which symbolize giving one self and reception regarding the other person.

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