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Burping is the common word for aerogastria


Published on Digestive system.

This condition develops in the person who wants to control everything and is unable to. It is a person who swallows everything rapidly without distinguishing what is digestive work for the stomach (solid food) and what is respiratory work for the lungs (air). Contrary to what occurs with aerophasia, in this case the tension does not reach the bowel. It stays in the stomach.

The person with stomach problems does not like confrontation. He/she needs “to be fed baby food”.

This person is unable to deal with his anger and/or transform it into aggression, into some open expression. He/she carries his/her stress in his stomach. These repressed emotions that the stomach patient avoids dealing with, are caused by issues related to material things, professional matters, money concerns, and legal and educational questions. Stomach problems are very “down to earth”. They have much to do with the roots and essence of the person (work, home, Mother, place where he lives, and money).

This person controls and does not let go. He/she pays too much attention to material things. The stomach swells up.

The burp is a release of air, a release of stomach tension, and it causes relief.

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