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The person feels burnt inside. What the external agent that burns the person is doing is to show the person what he is like inside. It is interesting to see in which part of the body the burning occurred. In any case, we are in the presence of a strong feeling of aggression that the person experienced regarding someone. The person has a major communication problem with someone close. If the burn is on the leg, this indicates tension at home, with the biological Mother or the female model. If it happens in the upper part of the body, it indicates tension with the biological Father, with the male model, with a boss and with the goals to be attained.

A mother who, at the time of conception or during pregnancy, kept thinking she would get burnt, and lived with that fear without verbalizing it, may have led the baby, upon birth, to make that tension clear and ending up being the one who got burnt.

In this case, see Family.

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