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Bunions result from an inflammation and enlargement of the inner portion of the joint at the base of the big toe. It causes the joint to project outwards and the big toe to turn towards the smaller toes. Sometimes there is also bone dilation.

This symptom is much more frequent in women than in men.

The part of the toe where the bunion occurs corresponds to the liver meridian. In fact, the liver meridian pushes the spleen meridian out.

Bunions can be very painful. There are two keywords here: discernment and fear of scarcity. This scarcity may be of money, of food or of love.

The first thing to check here is the relationship with the biological Father, the husband/boyfriend, or the male model. People with bunions may be megalomaniacs and have a great desire for expansion, to the point of losing any sense of discernment of what they truly need.

This extends to what they eat and drink, and of course to their relationships (fear of scarcity in love). Since the beginning of time that megalomania is a masculine characteristic. The great territorial conquests, conquests of power, and love conquests, were perpetrated by men.

The person with bunions has an overly masculine behaviour, excessively yang, lacking discernment, and with a great fear of not having enough.

Bunions happen more frequently to women. But to women with a very masculine behaviour.

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