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It is one of the causes of obesity.

If the hunger to live is not sated with the experiences lived, it will get transferred to the body as hunger for food. Bulimia is an attribute of people who have the illusion they can fill the emptiness in their lives with food. These are people who lack love.

People suffering from bulimia live love at the level of the body. Feeding themselves is a way of giving themselves love. Those who suffer from bulimia live under a lot of anxiety. They need to store up reserves.

When these people are women, they will put on weight, mostly around their female parts and the legs. In the case of men, they will put on weight mostly around their shoulders (male waist) and their bellies. However, this rule does not apply to everyone.

Men suffering from bulimia fear losing their vigour and their territory. They are afraid of losing their resources. This could be from a sexual viewpoint. Those suffering from bulimia, be them women or men, are people who feel strongly attached to their Mothers. They intend to solve everything by eating food. And, accordingly, the biological Mother is the first feeding symbol in our lives.

People suffering from bulimia feel a strong inertia to start their lives again. It is possible for a man to start suffering from bulimia after losing his mother, to whom he was deeply attached.

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