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Bronchial problems are less serious than lung problems. As opposed to what happens with lung problems, these are problems of a more intimate relational nature, more familiar and related to people who are close to us. This includes also people with whom we have been for a long time, such as colleagues.

Bronchitis and bronchiolitis result from an inflamed family environment, characterised by arguments and shouting. Sometimes, they reveal the feelings of those who do not want to yell but who experience an inner screaming feeling.

In French the expression used is “On s’engueule”, which means “we yell at each other”. However, the word gueule means muzzle. The muzzle is the area comprising the nose down to the beginning of the chest, and it includes the throat and jaws. This is the area affected by bronchitis. Bronchial problems remind us of territorial conflicts animals have, a territory which is linked to sex and females, but which, in humans, is more associated to issues pertaining to the home, work and family. In this particular case affecting the bronchi, tensions are more linked to the home territory, although some work issues are also covered: “Let me breathe!”

A yell (”un coup de gueule”) is a rush of air that comes from the bronchi.

In the presence of a bronchial problem, the question that must be posed is: “Do I have sufficient respect for myself in order to be able to defend my own territory?”

Territory conflicts represent a male conflict in animals and also in human beings.

When bronchitis and mucose infection occur, this is after the yelling and the psychological tension took place.

If the person realizes that the tension is over, he will understand that the conflict has gone and, consequently, that bronchitis will disappear fast.

Bronchi are commanded by the cerebral hemispheres, as they deal with communication issues. For this reason, the right bronchus is yang (male) and the left is yin (female), both in the case of right and left-handed people. Thus, a lesion in the yin bronchus shows yelling (or desire for a yelling session) with a woman, and. in the yang, indicates yelling (or desire for a yelling session) with a man.

The smoker who takes in the smoke stimulates the bronchi. It is his way of saying “I am marking my territory”. It is a male attitude.

A woman who smokes is marking her territory. Woman smokers are more aggressive.

People with bladder problems often have bronchial problems. In fact, in both cases, we are in the presence of territorial conflicts.

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