Breasts - cancer in the milk ducts

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This type of cancer is related to tensions regarding separation from the husband or from a family member, and to tensions of lack of communication inside the home, either between the couple or between the couple and a son or daughter.

Keywords: separation, communication and home.

The person is anxious to embrace the person who is distant from the home, and to hold her tight against her breasts, but she cannot do it because the other person distanced himself. It may just be a temporary geographical separation, from the husband, son or daughter. It may be that the son or daughter is studying away from home, or that the husband has been professionally posted abroad. It may also be a permanent separation.

This cancer appears in the milk ducts. Cancer attacks the inner walls of the ducts. The ducts expand and produce more milk. The flow is immense. Milk is much more nutritious when the person has this breast cancer.

In this particular case, the inner dialogue in the person’s conscience could be: “The kid is only here for the weekend, I have to feed him(either figuratively or physically) abundantly.” Or, “my husband is only here for the weekend, I need to feed him (either figuratively or physically) abundantly”.

The breast’s polarity, in this case, is determined by the cerebral hemispheres of the cortex. So, for left and right-handed women, the right breast is yang (masculine) and the left breast is yin (feminine).

The right breast, yang, masculine, is affected when the problem is with the husband, the man. This still always applies both to left and right-handed women.

If the tension is associated to a son or daughter, the conflict will take place in the left breast. Problems with a son or daughter affect the yin breast, both for left and right-handed women. One could ask why children affect the yin breast. The answer is simple. For these women who get breast cancer, sons and daughters will, in their minds, always be children, delicate, tender, yin, whether they are sons or daughters. This explains why the yin breast, which is the breast of sensibility, is affected if the situation is related to children. Even when they become adults, this woman will continue to treat them as if they were very young, pre-adolescent children.

If only a small conflict in the conscience occurs, the woman will only get eczema, but, if the conflict is big, she will develop a tumor in the ducts. She only gets the tumor because she is unable to verbalize her feelings.

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