Brain tumor

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A brain tumor is a condition of the brain

Brain - tumor

Published on Nervous system, Useful concepts.

A tumor in the brain shows the person affected that he has a serious problem with the meaning of authority.

Authority , whose etymological root means “the one who enables growth”, is always represented by a third party. He or she, who, to us, represents authority, is the one (male or female) with whom we feel we are growing. The one who makes us grow is the one who shows us the route, the rhythm, the path which we should take. He or she is the one who gives us a sense of direction, of communication and humbleness. The person who is on good terms with authority is disciplined, that is to say, he considers himself to be the disciple of that particular person. He feels he is growing with that person. For this reason, he gives himself and lives a humble life.

In our male-centred society, authority is focused on the man. On god, the father, the male figure. The person affected by a brain tumor is someone who has problems with his biological Father or with his model of father. A person suffering from brain cancer is a person with problems in his relationship with men. If the affected person is a woman, it is necessary to look at once at what is happening in her relation with her husband or living partner. The man with whom a woman lives is normally a copy of her Father. In fact, the woman would like the husband to be different. And he is not. Besides looking at what is happening to the husband, one should find out what is going on with this person’s Father. There is a common pattern in the relationship this person has with men in general.

If the person with brain cancer is a man, look at the men in the family, the Father, the Grandfather, the Great Grandfather. Particularly at the Great Grandfather.

If the person with brain cancer is a young man, look at his relationship with his Father and/or the history of the men in the clan.

As we have seen earlier, the sense of authority and direction lies in the brain. Let us imagine that a married man decides to leave home, because he no longer feels he is growing with his wife. At that very moment, the son gets brain tumor. The Father feels sorry, the family exerts a great deal of pressure and the Father changes his mind. In other words, he changes his path and does not leave home. It is likely that his son will end up dying from cancer. This is because the Father also has a problem with his sense of direction. He violated himself in his sense of direction, by changing his mind and stopping doing what made sense to him, and not leaving home.

The Father’s initial intension was to leave home. This was an indication he was being genuine and acting upon his feelings. However, instead of doing it, he let illusion take over, believing that, if he stayed, he would help his son. On the contrary, instead of giving him an example of assertiveness and authority, instead of teaching him how to affirm himself, to be an authority, the Father simply gives him the opposite example. The Father annuls himself for the son. So, the son never gets to realize what he should be doing to live better with authority. For this reason, he will continue to feel the same tension, with the illusion that the problem is sorted out, and he creates cancer in his brain.

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