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As a result of their constitution, right-handed women use much more the right brain than the left brain. They are quite intuitive and feminine.

When faced with a problem at work, this will not affect them that much, because their priority, as a result of their femininity, lies in the family. That is what really matters to them. When confronted by others, this does not matter that much. They run away from confrontation, not out of cowardness, but because their priority is comfort and the safety of their children.

Let us imagine that a woman of these characteristics discovers that her husband is cheating on her. In this situation, she may block out the right brain and develop as much as possible the left side, and then start working like crazy.

She will become aggressive to defend her children.

Right-handed women are naturally more feminine. Therefore, the tendency that right-handed women have of blocking out the right brain only to function with the left is not a natural tendency. It is not part of what this type of woman was meant to do when she incarnated. If a woman incarnated as a right-handed woman, this is because amidst her family, clan, society where she lives, she has a purpose she is not allowed to question, only accept and live as truthfully and genuinely as possible. This tendency to block out one of the sides of the brain, in this case the right side, must be observed and acknowledged, because it encloses a mental pattern which has its origins in the models of female and male she has become accustomed to and which are not good for her, or to which she may want to confront violently, despite that reaction bringing her no benefit.

It is important to examine first the model of biological Father she had, and how she felt about it. Was he a man who allowed himself to be asphyxiated by her Mother? The male model also comes from the male pattern she has become accustomed to or which she wants to resist, when living with her biological Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, uncles, etc.

Then one needs to look at the Biological mother model. The female model comes from the female pattern she has become accustomed to or which she wants to resist, when living with her biological Mother, Grandmother, aunts, etc., or even in the absence of a pattern of woman.

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