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As a result of their constitution, right-handed men use much more the right brain than the left brain. They are quite sensitive, soft men, with a somehow feminine behaviour (yet not homosexual) if they let their real essence come to the fore.

Problems at work affect this type of man much more than left-handed men, but he will not be outspoken about them, because he finds comfort in the family relationships, in the relationship with his children, wife, and hobbies.

Yet, this man may not deal well with work fights or typically male wars, and this will lead him to block out his left brain. In this case, he will be highly prone to homosexuality. He will have a very feminine behaviour that is not an emotional natural impulse, but just a brain blockage, out of defence. He will become as feminine as a woman.

This is a door to male homosexuality. Yet, there are other doors.

Right-handed men are naturally, given their constitution, more feminine. However, this tendency by right-handed men to block out their left brain is not natural.

It is not part of what this type of man was meant to do when he incarnated. If he incarnated as a right-handed man, this is because amidst his family, clan, society where he lives, he has a purpose he is not allowed to question, but accept and live as truthfully and genuinely as possible. This tendency to block out one of the sides of the brain, in this case the left side, must be observed and acknowledged, because it encloses a mental pattern that has its origins in the models of female and male the person has become accustomed to and which are not good for him, or to which he may want to confront violently, despite that reaction bringing him no benefit.

In this case, the person must give priority to examining how he felt in his childhood with regard the model of biological Father, who must have been very macho, demanding, and even cruel. Or his Father may have been totally absent. Or maybe this was the man model that he perceived to be that of the clan and which he became accustomed to, or which he wants to resist, when living with his biological Father, Grandfather, Great Grandfather, uncles, etc. Where is thus the man model of this person?

Then he should look at the model of the biological Mother he had. The female model comes from the female pattern he has become accustomed to or which he wants to resist, when living with his biological Mother, Grandmother, aunts, etc.

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