Brain paralysis

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The person who suffers from brain paralysis thinks in such a way that there is little room to let things flow. He likes to control everything around him. He even attempts to control the people who have to look after him. He is ruthless with others and with himself too. The person has created a prison for himself, through his extremely rigid life.

For this reason, this person feels isolated. Since he does not like to be isolated, he feels he needs to bring the family together in a demonstration of collective love. Then he develops brain paralysis. This is an extremely violent process. It can only be orchestrated by someone who has always been very mentally oriented, and always centred on himself. If the paralysis happens to an adult woman, it is necessary to examine her relationship with her husband or with the man (men) in her life. If it strikes an adult man, it is necessary to ask which male model representation he wanted to impose on his children but failed. When brain paralysis occurs at birth, then one needs to look out what is happening between the Baby and the Father, and between the Father and the Mother. What is going on with the way men in the clan behave? Animals, including human beings, are born from Heaven to Earth. In this particular case, there was a lapse during the descent. It probably happened during pregnancy. The Father represents the power of heaven on Earth. What happened between the Father and the Mother?

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The person who suffers from paralysis is isolated from the world.

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