Brain embolism

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Brain embolism can be caused by a thrombosis


Published on Circulatory system.

Thrombosis may occur in any blood vessel, whether it is an artery, vein or capillary vase, or even in a cardiac cavity. A thrombus is a blood clot. Thrombosis is the obstruction of a vase by a clot. The danger of thrombosis is when the thrombus gets loose and may reach the lungs or brain, causing pulmonary or brain embolism. Blood clots because it is too thick. It is not as thin as it should.

Thrombosis in arteries, namely in the coronary, denote a very yang, masculine and warrior behaviour. They occur more often in the upper parts of the body, in the chest, arms and head, which are the most yang and masculine parts of the circulatory system.

Thrombosis affecting the pelvic area or the lower limbs is normally of the deep venous type (affecting the veins).

Vein-related problems denote a life without joy, a cancelling off on the person’s part, a life that is so passive that happiness just passes by without staying. Thromboses, Phlebitis, varicose veins and haemorrhoids are conditions that affect the veins.

Phlebitis is a thrombosis in a superficial vein. It normally occurs in varicose veins. It is also called thrombophlebitis. Deep venous thrombosis, phlebitis (thrombophlebitis) and varicose veins are occurrences of the venous system. The venous system is the yin part of the circulatory system. It carries the used blood to the liver and kidneys to filter it, and to the lungs to get rid of carbon dioxide and replace it by oxygen.

The person who has varicose veins prevents the blood from circulating.

The body shows the person he is fed up with the life he is leading by developing thrombophlebitis (it affects the most superficial veins) or deep venous thrombosis. The body shows the person he is enraged but passive, too yin. It denotes anger, frustration and impotence. The person blames others for his limitations and lack of energy but will not do anything about it. He just stays excessively passive. This indicates the person has typecast opinions, typecast ideas and says typecast sentences. People who are bedridden for some reason tend to develop thrombosis because they are immobilised.

Life should flow. If the person’s life flows, his blood will flow too.

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