Brain - double brain

Published on Nervous system, Useful concepts.

There are people who separate their brains. Each half brain will provide an answer. The person acknowledges both realities but cannot split up, create divisions, decide. These are people with a double brain.

This could happen to children from divorced parents, who have two homes, two beds, two bedrooms. Or where there are two ethnic groups, two religions, two cultures.

These people need solutions for almost everything. They may be in constant doubt. For this reason, they will need two solutions: a car and a motorbike, for instance. Or they always need the opinion of two people. It is important to explain to people who have a double brain that this is not a problem, only a way of living. And this is all right. This is their way of finding balance. This form of living must be accepted.

The person with a double brain can never be a leader. He is too versatile, and he may make two contradictory decisions. Double brain people are indecisive, but, watch out, because there are indecisive people who do not have a double brain.

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