Brain - blocked brain

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A blocked brain in both hemispheres means total dysfunction. Loss of meaning. A person in this condition needs to exit life. Normally, he will find two ways. The spiritual elevation illusion path, of the badly lived spirituality, experienced in separation, in the sense of sect, in the loss of the concept of authority, in giving up being in charge of one self, in the judgement of others, in the need to find his identity in a separatist group which will be his consolation and comfort and which, on many occasions, will lead to the death of the person and to the collective death of the separatist group. The need for isolation has just found a perfect solution. And, as a result, the person dies.

Or alternatively, the person will find the fastest way of getting under through suicide. It is a short cut. It is the fastest route to the final destiny. It is radical isolation.

In any of the cases, the sense of awareness should be sufficient to restore balance and unblock the brains. One needs to accept the tears. The person must become aware of what he felt, of what provoked this blockage. A big emotion has been repressed.

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