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The word duodenum means “twelve fingers of length” which does not offer much light regarding the function of the duodenum, but rather regarding its size.

The duodenum is part of the digestive tube. It is the first segment of the small bowel. The duodenum is strongly attached. It receives vessels from the pancreas and the liver. It is here that they start the selection, the overseeing. The duodenum is attached to the lumbar dorsum spine. This is the point where the spine does its inflexion. So, the duodenum represents rhythm.

“Am I in good rhythm? If all goes too fast, I may not digest properly.” We saw that small bowel problems are related to fear and discernment. Here, additionally, we have an issue of rhythm.

A gastroduodenal ulcer has to do with a person’s relationship with others. These others are people who are close family members, friends, and people from work. They include the spouse, people who live in the home, co-workers, and the female role model (biological Mother).

The person is unable to digest. The outside world is too large and compact for the person to take in. The individual fails to find his identity in his small world.

The image we choose to illustrate the person with duodenum problems is that of a person with a water hose in his mouth: “I cannot deal with so many emotions.” The individual constantly moves things around in order to understand what goes on. It is important to take a look at his intimate and professional development, but most of all at his home life.

A baby born with hypertrophic pyloric stenosis, a condition characterized by a closed pylorus (the pylorus is a valve which regulates the passage of semi-digested food from the stomach to the duodenum), is a baby born without suitable rhythm for the family that he is to join. The child cannot adapt and refuses to accept love, the nourishment of life. This is a child who felt a lack of love during his time in the mother’s womb. It is a person with a tendency to have liver problems, since the liver is associated with tensions that result from a sensation of lack of nourishment, lack of love.

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