Bowel - large bowel - descending colon

Published on Digestive system.

In this area we may look for problems in the relationship with the Mother, not the Father; the descending colon is associated with the female role model, feminine behaviour, and more yin behaviour.

Here we find legacy and things that must be released, the attachment to matters related to roots. (Money, family objects, home)

Cancer of the Colon, like all cancers, is associated with a great tension that the person experienced and did not verbalize, kept well hidden. This tension is associated with unhappiness at home, a feeling that the person was the victim of some dirty and infamous deed.

Most cases of cancer of the descending colon take place in the sigmoid and the rectum.

The person should adopt a more yin behaviour but, instead, he does not want to let go of what has caused the tension he is undergoing. The person is too yang, to competitive, too masculine.


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