Bowel - large bowel - ascending colon

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This is where fermentation takes place. The person who experiences problems in this area has difficulty deciding whether to keep or let go. Fermentation happens because of the presence of sugar. When a person doubts his ability to decide whether to hold on to or to release, he may develop flatulence and pain. The person with problems in the ascending colon may be an individual with problems in his relationship with his Father or male role model. It may involve a partner, a supervisor, a boyfriend, or any model of masculine behaviour.

The anus and other parts of the colon show feminine tensions, while the ascending colon exposes more masculine tensions.

Cancer of the colon, like all cancers, is associated with a great tension that the person experienced and did not verbalize, kept well hidden. This tension is associated with unhappiness at home, a feeling that the person was the victim of some dirty and infamous deed.

Tensions associated with the ascending colon are clearly masculine, yang, and connected with the biological Father, the male model, and masculine behaviour.

This person must assume his or her yang side. He or she needs to make a decision, to be more assertive, to use his or her masculine behaviour.

Try to find out who was responsible for the infamous deed, dirty behaviour, or fraud. Dirty behaviour, or fraud, talk to that person and get things clearer.

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