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The blood contains a person’s identity. The blood shows we belong to a lineage, a clan, and it simultaneously shows the unique and complete character of the person’s own identity. Identity also appears in sexuality (capacity of being, of giving oneself to other person). This presupposes that, as we all have blood, we all know who we are. Blood is, therefore, identity, virility and our belonging to blood lineage.

The heart is the engine of blood, which rules the emotional side of our lives. The bone marrow is the place, in our body, where maturation of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets occurs. The cells and the platelets are directly associated to blood, that is, with the person’s identity. And this identity is in continuous evolution. It is in permanent movement. One may change the way he is!

These cells and platelets change every one hundred and twenty days.

Therefore, what is at stake is the person’s capacity of understanding what is good for him, and also regarding what is good for him in his relationship with things, people in general, with family members, with the people from the clan and with the latter’s thinking pattern, so that the person realises what is good for him and what does not work for him.

What the body is showing here is the person’s capacity to be himself without seeking the approval of others.

This is where our self-esteem lives, right here in the blood.

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