Blood pressure - high

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Blood reflects the identity, the being. The walls of the blood vessels are the frontiers within which our incarnation into human beings must develop.

It is natural for us to want to test the limits of these frontiers, the limits of resistance of blood vessels.

Contrary to the person who suffers from hypotension, a person who suffers from hypertension prepares himself for action and is determined to take action. Accordingly, blood circulation accelerates and pressure increases, but this person never really confronts the person he has trouble with and, consequently, there is no discharge of energy, it remains stored. The person who suffers from hypertension is not able to reach a confrontation.

He is afraid of confrontation and does not realize that the confrontation must happen as soon as possible, in a simple and easy way, by expressing what he thinks and feels.

It is common for the person with high blood pressure to convince himself that next time he will be able to act. This keeps the organism ready for action, keeps it from relaxing, and the person develops chronic high blood pressure and never really engages in confrontation.

The person with high blood pressure stays on the edge of conflict, is always troubled by conflict, but never reaches any solution.

Of course, if things are not cleared up, one day the person will say what he has to say, but he will do it in an a angry, cowardly, and exaggerated way, creating even more conflict when things could have been resolved in a calm manner. The person whines, complains, shows rage, and ends up blowing his top off, seldom with the right person and often with the wrong people.

This lack of confrontation gives rise to a great internal conflict. The person remains on the defence, always prepared for a conflict that likely he will never carry out.

They are people with long lasting, unresolved emotional problems.

The person with Arteriosclerosis also suffers from high blood pressure.

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