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Mood swings. Swinging between intense crying and bursts of joy. A person may sometimes appear to be very happy but he is often unbalanced, because he is searching for answers in his life outside himself, externally, in society, in his friends, but not inside himself. It reveals that the interior and the external beings are not aligned.

This person is hardly predictable, because he lives in an alternating way.

This will normally be a person who has lived for a long time with a Father and a Mother who did not get along, or with male and female models who were not compatible. In other words, he lived amidst incompatible yang and yin behaviours.

The type of male and Father models this person had needs to be understood, particularly regarding the relationship he had with close relatives. These relatives are normally very cerebral, very stubborn and show a need to control everything and be right about everything.

The cause behind this process is always connected with the relationship with the man (Father, Grandfather), in other words, the male model that he had in his family and who was very dominating and determining.

Bipolar people are normally individuals who, as a result of being very mentally oriented and wanting to explain and control everything, lack affection and care, and who cry out the need to feel loved and held. This type of person will cry out of self pity, more than as a result of letting himself go or out of detachment.

In any case, bipolarity symptoms do not come alone. They are always corroborated by other body symptoms.

This can be the case of people who are bipolar and suffer from psoriasis. If you see Psoriasis, you will note that the tension in the person’s conscience is also linked to alternating patterns.

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