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Bilirubin is a condition of the liver, which is considered a synonym of jaundice

Liver - jaundice

Published on Digestive system.

The liver is responsible for cleaning the blood bilirubin (bile pigment). Bilirubin is absorbed by the liver and excreted to the bile which, in turn, expels it to the small bowel.

When there is an excess of bilirubin in the body, the person contracts jaundice (yellow skin). It may result from malfunction of the liver or the gallbladder, which holds bilirubin and fails to release it to the duodenum.

We saw that liver malfunction is associated with lack of discernment and fear of insufficiency. Gallbladder malfunction is caused by the repressed rage that a person could not get rid of and was unable to verbalize.

People who suffer from hepatitis or cirrhosis are prone to jaundice.

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