Bad breath

Published on Digestive system, Isolated symptoms.

Bad breath indicates problems of gastric nature, difficult digestion. Difficult digestion is a symptom that the person deals poorly with the emotions he feels. He can not digest what other people did or continue doing to him on a daily basis. On the other hand, the fact that he has bad breath forces him to keep his distance to avoid an unpleasant situation for him and others. The tensions of bad breath are associated with the person’s partner who, after all, is the most affected by that condition and from whom the individual must keep a physical distance. It is possible that this partner who is affected by the bad breath is the main relational cause of the person’s incapacity to digest his emotions. Bad breath may also result from dental caries. Caries result from enamel problems in the teeth. The person who suffers from enamel problems is someone who feels he does not have the right to bite. This person’s bone is harder than enamel. The jawbone is stronger than the tooth.

“I don’t have a strong enough bite!” This situation causes caries. Tooth problems have to do with a single psychological problem: not being able to bite. To bite constitutes a decision, both in literal and figurative senses. It is possible that it is still the same partner - affected by the bad breath - who is the relational cause of the person’s inability to make decisions.

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