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Spine, shoulder blade and vertebrae problems, as well as muscular and skin conditions, may occur on the back.

See Spine, Muscles, Shoulder blades and Vertebrae.

Pimples on the skin indicate the presence of an inflammation of the hair and sebaceous follicles, particularly on shoulders, face, back and chest.

They are an eruption and expelling of tension related to communication difficulties.

Pimples on the back indicate major communication problems at home, with the family, with parents and most probably with the partner.

Pimples on the back occur as a result of repression of a person’s sexuality and/or emotions. It is likely that the person’s emotions, sexual desire, sexual drive or even sexual fantasies need to be externalized, told to someone very close, but the person does not allow himself to do so. The person does not feel strong enough, with sufficient dorsal spine do be able to do it. The skin is precisely the border that needs to be crossed over to get near the other person, to be able to communicate and be with the other person. What does not come out through communication, gets out through the body, through the skin.

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