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Authority, whose etymological root means “the one who enables growth”, is always represented by a third party. He or she, who, to us, represents authority, is the one (male or female) with whom we feel we are growing. The one who makes us grow is the one who shows us the route, the rhythm, the path which we should take. He or she is the one who gives us a sense of direction, of communication and humbleness. The person who is on good terms with authority is disciplined, that is to say, he considers himself to be the disciple of that particular person. He feels he is growing with that person. For this reason, he gives him self and lives a humble life. That person does not follow the master out of a sense of obligation towards him, nor obedience, but due to discipline, that is, as a result of a personal choice.

In our society, authority is centred on human beings. On the god, on the biological Father, on the male figure.

Authority should not be mistaken with power. Power demands obedience, not discipline.

The concept of authority is directly linked to that of humbleness.

The person who feels growing with another person will follow him in humbleness. The one who stops feeling he is growing with the other person, instead of criticizing or destroying him, only has to separate himself from him, in humbleness. And he needs to respect the fact that, if he no longer grows with that other person, maybe others are still growing with him, and for this reason he should not destroy him, simply separate from him.

The same goes for the person who is no longer accepted as an authority by his disciples. He should accept that fact with humbleness and not attempt to persecute or destroy the former disciple, rather allow him to take a different path, in humbleness.

Whenever a person does not respect other people as an authority, he develops an arrogant behaviour and resorts to power. Consequently, he is weakening his authority.

People with mental disorders, isolation problems or even with movement impairments have problems at the level of authority and humbleness.

They are people with a Crown Chakra, a purple chakra that is blocked. For this reason, in each of these cases, it is necessary to look out for what is happening with the male model, with the biological Father, with the idea of family and of clan.

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