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It consists of a straightening of the bronchi and bronchioles which can be provoked by muscular spasm, inflammation of the respiratory routes or by the congestion and secretion of mucose. One feels suffocating.

This is a person who tries to receive a lot but who has difficulty giving back. The asthmatic person poisons himself with carbon anhydride, because he cannot breathe out. This symptom is typical of children who are too spoiled or are prevented from crying.

In babies and children, asthma indicates they do not wish to be here. It reflects a desire to depart from life, in the case of babies, and an indication that that they do not wish to be here, they would rather be there, in the case of young children.

However, it also happens a lot in adults.

Asthma comes from the Greek and it means “chest constriction”. In Latin, the closest root seems to be angustus, the root of the word anguish. This Latin root is also present in words such as amygdale (tonsil) and angina. And tightness and constraint are linked to anguish and fear.

Asthma is often linked to allergies, for example, hay fever. The keywords for asthma are fear and unwillingness to accept.

The person suffering from asthma also has a wish to dominate, although, when confronted with this fact, he always denies it.

The asthmatic person feels as if he is always about to burst out, but he cannot externalize yelling and insults. For this reason, he coughs and expectorates.

The adult asthmatic normally is a very cerebral, mentally oriented person. He tends to blame his own sexuality and to bring his sexual impulses up to the chest region (he confuses love with sex). Therefore, instead of leaving mucose stimulation down there, at the level of the sexual organs, he brings it, literally, to the mouth. In a way, that rather makes sense, given the clear similarity between the mouth, which expresses love, and the genital organs, which express sex.

The person suffering from asthma is thirsty of love. He longs for love, above all else. But he looks for it in other people.

Asthma and skin eruptions are related to issues of contact and relationship. The asthmatic person shows some resistance in his contact with the world.

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