Published on Breathing system.

This is a problem in the breathing system.

Breathing links us, thanks to its duality, to the supernatural, to the universe, to the source of creation, to the metaphysical world. Breathing allows us to be linked to life. Consequently, breathing prevents the isolation of human beings.

Breathing is, therefore, both contact and relationship. This contact with what comes from the outside is made through the pulmonary alveoli.

Contact we make with others through the skin is a voluntary act. We either want to touch or not. But contact through breathing is no longer a voluntary act. It just occurs, and that is it.

Two key-words reflect the duality which characterises the respiratory system: freedom and constraint.

The one who asphyxiates is the one who has decided to get totally free from the constraints that we experience in life. In the case of babies, there is a nonconscious desire to disincarnate. See Babies.

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