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The appendix is a lymphoid ganglion. It is in the same family as the tonsils. Like the tonsils, it functions as a sentinel because, unlike the small bowel, which is free of bacteria, the large bowel, has bacteria. The appendix allows the blockage of bacteria that move up the larger bowel, to keep them from entering in the ileum, which is the last part of the small bowel.

Appendicitis is a conflict of anger and upsetness the person kept to himself. This conflict of anger and upsetness takes place at the junction of two things. There is a violation of something intimate. And it is not clean! “What filth! It’s not right!” This junction of two things can be over many events. It can be over a sexual relationship that a person feels guilty about. It is always associated with someone close.

So, in appendicitis, the appendix is unable to stop the flow of bacteria from the large bowel to the small bowel. The appendix swells. Appendicitis is a form of self-inflicted violence. It requires urgent care because it may develop into peritonitis. In that case, see Peritonitis.

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