Published on Locomotor system.

These are the muscle sacs, the organs’ protectors that defend them from attacks and foster defence. They protect from physical or verbal attacks. They protect the person. Period! It is just a quick reaction. There is no time to think. The person does not consider which side to use to defend himself. It is an impulsive reaction to an attack from a dear or a close one. So, despite the fact that we are discussing the locomotor system, there is no left side/right side polarity in aponeuroses. In cases when the muscles get caught, however, we can consider polarity.

Problems in aponeuroses indicate that the person felt attacked or that something caused him disgust. Disgust can be material or a feeling regarding a person or something the person did. “He disgusts me!” It is usually about someone close to the person. It can also be a teacher, or a boss.

There is no common denominator in yin/yang polarity or any distinction between left-handed and right-handed people.

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