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This reflects the desire to stay thin that affects primarily girls when they reach puberty and adolescence. They refuse to eat. This may occur later in life as well.

There are different ways to get there. There are those people who categorically refuse to eat. There are others who refuse to eat during daytime and in the presence of others, but who, at night, raid the fridge and kitchen cupboards, eat immensely, but then, they make themselves throw up all they ate earlier (often called anorexic-bulimic). Others, yet, use laxatives non-stop to defecate and empty themselves out through the bowels.

Either way, the goal is to stay thin.

Many of these people also have problems with their menstrual cycle and, in some cases, do not have one at all. They isolate themselves. In fact, unlike obesity, which is often a way to call the attention of others, the conflict in the anorexic mind works just the opposite way: “I need to disappear. Don’t look at me!” And the person isolates herself in order not to be seen. It is a death wish. The joy of living is gone. It is also a reflection of the frustrated desire for power and strength.

The anorexic person does not deal well with sexuality and hides herself in an ideal of purity and spirituality. She has a real problem with her femininity and does not accept well her new body at puberty.

It is fundamental to analyze what went on in that person’s relationship with her biologic Mother, what she may have heard about sex, sexual impulses, and the evils of sex. Anorexia happens primarily in puberty when the sexual hormones start to go wild, with the hormonal tie break.

The Mother may have been absent, or a Mother who did not display affection.

Perhaps the Mother or the Father would have preferred a son instead of this daughter. In any instance, the anorexic person has a serious problem dealing with her incarnation. She does not want to be nourished.

Therefore, the person’s tension has to do not only with the biological Mother, but also with Mother Earth where she was incarnated, i.e.,with the planet. It is important to understand what happened with her delivery.

The anorexic person hates the vital function of the earth. She wants to be a spirit.

In nature, this phenomenon does not exist. It is the fruit of an absolutely abnormal human mental creation.

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