Published on Circulatory system.

This is a dilation of the artery wall. It develops where there is a weakness in the wall due to a lesion, a trauma, or a deformity. Sometimes it becomes dilated enough to cause the artery to come in contact with the vein.

Arteries are the yang part of the Circulatory system. They transport oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Artery problems are characteristic of male behaviour, very yang, very warlike, dominated by Cartesian thought and very radical. Artery problems are more common in the upper part of the body, which is more masculine, primarily in the head and thorax.

Artery related problems reflect incapacity to deal with emotions. They reflect an inability to let go and be happy, joyful.

The person who suffers from aneurisms is a very intellectual person who wants to control everything and who does not allow life to flow naturally, a person who wants to show that he is a know-it-all. It is a very yang person, with a very masculine way of being, very warlike.

People with artery problems are people who do not listen to emotions and are driven by rational thought, Cartesian thought.

Vascular accidents that occur in the upper part of the body (head, arms and torso) are more associated with masculine behaviour, very macho, very yang; problems that occur in the lower part of the body (hips and legs) are associated with problems of self-denial, more passive, more feminine, more yin.

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