Published on Circulatory system.

This condition indicates a deficiency of haemoglobin in the blood. There is red blood cell deficiency and, therefore, lack of oxygen in the blood and blood cells. There is a lack of energy and happiness. Everything is reduced to “yes, but…” The person is afraid of life. Nothing goes well. The person is frustrated with family life, perhaps even with the clan, may it be his or the spouse’s. “Nothing goes well in my life”. Anaemia is a form of neutralization

It is a symptom that is not isolated. It is likely that the patient feels other symptoms besides anaemia. There are situations where the person appears anaemic but, actually, the tension in the conscience does not correspond to anaemia. In this case, it is due to a feeling of undervaluation brought on by the belief that, in the eyes of Family members, he is worthless. See Bone Marrow and leukaemia. There area also renal insufficiencies which play a part in anaemia. In this case, see Kidneys – renal insufficiency.

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