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The Alzheimer’s patient refuses to deal with the world as it is. He feels despair and abandonment. He isolates himself and suffers from lack of memory and lack of sense of direction. He regresses to the safe haven of childhood. The Alzheimer’s patient is a person with a great need for love and attention.

Prior to becoming an Alzheimer’s patient, this person already avoided reality and looking into his inner self. The Alzheimer’s patient is someone who, along his life, tried to gain control of others and exercise supremacy over them, primarily those close to him. Alzheimer’s patients are people whose families always had trouble dealing with, and who now demand to be completely taken care of. They are hard people who never listened to emotions and always took a rational approach to life; they are very Cartesian and controlling; they want to control everything and everyone.

Their isolation results from their controlling way of thinking, very yang, very bossy, very masculine, which wore out the patience of relatives.

They develop Alzheimer’s symptoms as a way to keep exercising their control over those around them.

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